Anna Agnarrsdotter
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Arendelle
Profession: Princess
Relatives: Agnarr (Father)
Iduna (Mother)
Elsa Agnarrsdotter
Kristoff Andersen (Husband)
Olaf (Nephew)
Marshmallow (Nephew)

Anna Agnarrsdotter was a princess of Arendelle.

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Anna Agnarrsdotter was born to Queen Iduna and King Agnarr on June 21, 1827. When Anna was young, she lived in the Castle of Arendelle. She loved playing with her older sister Elsa Agnarrsdotter, but after Anna was hit with an ice blast to the head, Elsa was locked away in a room away from Anna, and the castle gates were locked, so she had to stay inside the castle.

Teenagehood Edit

When Anna was sixteen, the castle gates opened for Elsa Agnarrsdotter's coronation. Anna met Hans Westergard and wanted to engage with him, but Elsa refused. Later that day, Anna set forth on a quest to retrieve Elsa from the mountains.

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